30 Cheap & Best Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia 2020

web hosting companies malaysia

Have you been looking for the cheapest and best web hosting companies in Malaysia? Are you running confused and not finding the ideal one? Stop having stress and check out the below mentioned top 30 cheap and best web hosting companies Malaysia in 2020.  Check out the intro and benefits and outstanding features to choose the right one you have been looking for. Let us check it out.

1. Big Domain


Big Domain is one of the best web hosting companies. It is counted among the top 10 best and Cheap Hosting Malaysia service providers. What makes it different from others is that it caters to local Malaysia and International popular domain names including .MY, .ID, and .COM. They are dedicated to serving clients accordingly their needs and requirements in the context of cost effective web hosting. Having 10 years of experience to make Big Domain worthy to choose indeed.


You will have amazing free tools such as

  • Big Web Builder
  • Cheap Domain Name Guaranteed
  • Cheap SSL For Security

Not only will this but customers also have the best facility of linking up your domain with your favorite services. To put in simple words, it could be said that Big Domain is indeed a one-stop Malaysia Domain Hosting platform regarding all your domain name registration services.

Customers can also have web building along with 200 free design templates, Microsoft Office 365 licenses and so on.

bigdomain.my sales@bigdomain.my 604-619-2640

2. MilesWeb

milesweb MilesWeb

rules over so many hearts because of being the fastest growing company in the field of the web hosting industry. It has been going with the motto of introducing amazing web hosting solutions. Here, we do have passionate leaders and professionals dedicate to impart best and amazing web hosting solutions in Malaysia and overseas.


Going with this brand means you will have 24/7/365 support, 30 days money back and 99.95% up time. It is an award winning web hosting Malaysia Domain Hosting company dedicated to serving the best services to its customers. It is also a partner with reputed companies indicating how well it caters. Miles Web also imparts an incredible range of web hosting solutions.

milesweb.com/my sales@milesweb.com 187-220-41050

3. Hostpapa


Hostpapa is a reputed name and has already 50,000 websites hosted as well. Whether it is about Domain, Websites, Hosting or Email, it is covering almost all topics indeed. customers prefer to choose it because of reliable servers, optimized for speed and performance, commitment to security and so on. HostPapa is a trustworthy company catering a fully-featured hosting package. HostPapa is regarded as an established privately owned Best Hosting Malaysia company loaded with high-value and low-cost hosting.


  • WordPress-friendly Hosting
  • User friendly control panel
  • More than 400+apps included
  • Support you can rely on
  • Severe built for speed 
  • Customers can have amazing support in the form of live chat, phone and support tickets.
hostpapa.com sales@hostpapasupport.com 800-852-3983

4. Exabytes


Exabytes holds a total number of 18 years of experience and staunchly believe in catering customers following new age methodology. It was established in the year of 2001. Exabytes is here proving all-in-one solutions to add more value to your online business. Here, you can have affordable online solutions irrespective of the types of business. We are here with amazing web hosting plans. It is time to improve your traffic and conversion.


Choose Exabytes since it makes you have 24 hours X 7 Days with local support,  100-day full money back guarantee, fast account aviation and incredible secure and reliability.

  •         Domain Name
  •         Instant Website Design
  •         VPS
  •         WordPress Hosting
exabytes.my support@exabytes.my 04-609-7888

5. MTA Solutions


Established in the year of 2012, MTA Solutions has carved out a special place at the forefront adhered to make you have the best service. It holds enormous experience in global businesses of all sorts of sizes. Within a short span of time, it has carved out a great affluence of web hosting expertise. Now, it has almost 6K+ customers.


What makes this brand different from others have been mentioned below such as –

  • Unmatched quality
  • Passionate towards its job
  • Always welcome customers’ feedback
  • Having amazing record indicating how good they are at their job
  • Easy step to register domain
mtasolutions.com.my support@mtasolutions.com.my

6. Server Freak

serverfreak Server

Freak is a trustworthy name coming up with excellent domain, web hosting and server oriented services under one roof. It was established in the year of 2003 known as the fastest growing hosting provider in Malaysia. The motto of this Best Hosting Malaysia company is imparting simple as well as affordable hosting solutions available at the best prices. What makes it different from others is that it always takes care of its customers’ needs and requirements. For Server Freak, its customers have always been the most important.


  • Asurity of 30 days money back guarantee
  • Up time guarantee
  • Having technical support to resolve the issue easily
  • Get customer satisfaction guaranteed
web-hosting.net.my sales@serverfreak.com 603-337-12564

7. A2hosting

a2 hosting

Big Domain is one of the best web hosting companies. It is counted among the top 10 best and Cheap Hosting Malaysia service providers. What makes it different from others is that it caters to local Malaysia and International popular domain names including .MY, .ID, and .COM. They are dedicated to serving clients accordingly their needs and requirements in the context of cost effective web hosting. Having 10 years of experience to make Big Domain worthy to choose indeed.


You will have amazing free tools such as

  • Big Web Builder
  • Cheap Domain Name Guaranteed
  • Cheap SSL For Security

Not only will this but customers also have the best facility of linking up your domain with your favorite services. To put in simple words, it could be said that Big Domain is indeed a one-stop Malaysia Domain Hosting platform regarding all your domain name registration services.

Customers can also have web building along with 200 free design templates, Microsoft Office 365 licenses and so on.

a2hosting.sg sales@a2hosting.com NA

8. Inmotion Hosting


Inmotion Hosting has been catering in this field for a long time and has emerged as the best Cheap Hosting Malaysia platform. Inmotion Hosting is known for secure servers, easy-set-up and fast web hosting service. Moreover, it is also regarded for having 17-year CNET Certified as well as A+Rating. Whether it is about web hosting, hosting features or hosting tools, all sorts of services are being introduced here under one roof.


  • WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting at competitive prices
  • Get best service at from the expert team
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Advanced smart routing technology
  • Capable to handle all sort of hosting needs
inmotionhosting.com sales@inmotionhosting.com 888-321-4678

9. Bluevy Host


Bluevy Host, Cheap Hosting Malaysia company introduces a wide array of hosting services including SSD Business Hosting, Forum hosting, Re seller hosting and so on. Payment mode is quite easier and simple indeed. The motto of Bluevy Host is catering all sorts of hosting services without compromising the quality. Expert team is here to go with your needs and requirements putting in the best efforts. Moreover, experts are also available to guide you in a proper manner.


  •         Bluevy Host is having almost 13854 registered users.
  •         As of now, it has done 39852 files hosted
  •         Moreover, it comes up with 58698 page served
  •         Talking about the data transferred, it is 57945 GB
bluevyhost.com support@bluevyhost.com 603-673-56964

10. VPS Malaysia


VPS Malaysia, also known as Cheap Hosting Malaysia company has been established with the motive to help you create cloud storage as well as virtual private services quickly as well as securely. Moreover, it also introduces Windows VPS, Linux OpenVZ VPS, dedicated server, Forex VPS and so on oriented services. customers have given it a great rating of 9.5 showing how well this brand is doing at the forefront. Because of its incredible service, it is also associated with a variety of brands.


  • Free setup, without any contract
  • You will have 24/7 expert support to enhance your creativity
  • Get 30 seconds auto-setup
  • Get Cloud SSD VPS, Server Hosting at competitive prices
vpsmalaysia.com.my sales@vpsmalaysia.com.my 603-214-99314

11. GoGetSpace


Go Get Space has carved out its Cheap Hosting Malaysia name at the forefront adhered introducing outstanding hosting packages as well as digital marketing solutions to go with your needs and requirements. The best thing is that it also caters to small websites and personal blogs without making any compromises. Do check out the variety of web hosting services available in Malaysia at best prices.


  • Facility of having dedicated server
  • Get VPS easily with fast speed and incredible performance
  • Word press hosting facility at reasonable cost
  • Great customer support
  • Server collocation available at competitive prices
  • Corporate email hosting at best prices
  • Get bulk email service within your budget
gogetspace.com sales@gogetspace.com 601-897-22063

12. Sempoi Hosting


Sempoi Hosting a trustworthy Cheap Hosting Malaysia name in this field adhered towards its job. Holding a wide chunk of satisfied customers makes it worthy to choose. Do have the best hosting services under a single roof. Whether it is about buying domain, order hosting, make payment or having support, you are just a click away.


Web hosting having different categories such as Flexible, Extra, SuperExtra, and HybridX going with your needs and requirements

  • Buying web hosting is quite easy as you need to follow simple steps and it is done.
  • Holding a wide array of satisfied customers
  • Dedicated to match the customers’ needs and requirements
sempoihosting.com admin@sempoihosting.com NA

13. Datakl


Datakl is known as Cheap Hosting Malaysia for introducing the startup friendly hosting. It imparts shared hosting, word press hosting, dedicated server and collocation. Get the best customer support to have the best experience. Choosing DataKL means your data will remain secure and safe. C Panel + Cloudinux service is also available in order to ensure your server stability, density and security too. Technical staff are having wide and enormous information to cater to you without compromising the quality.


  • Hosting plan is reasonable along with incredible features
  • Get amazing and responsive themes
  • Associated with outstanding clients
  • Reliable services
  • Outstanding customer services
  • Easy to customize feature is also available 
datakl.com support@datakl.com 603-798-08646

14. Nocser


Since 2002, Modern One has been engrossed in hosting the websites and delivering outstanding performance for the infrastructure. Right from domain registration services to web hosting services, all these services can be availed at ModernOne with high-end solutions. It is having a wide customer base because of its professionalism and client-centric approach.


  • When it comes to business hosting, you will get Modern Cloud service and remote backup.
  • The best thing is that you can subscribe up to 5 .my domain names through this website.
  • There is the availability of a 50% discount so you only need to pay RM60 for any new .my domain name.
nocser.net sales@nocser.net 603-873-70030

15. Domain Plus


Domain plus does not need any introduction as it has been catering in this field for a long time. Moreover, it is an authorized register, renew or transfer any Domain Name. The best thing is that this platform has also been working with prominent leading registrar to impart T:Ds domain name services including ORG, NET, Com etc. Moreover, you can also have Business web hosting and web design company too. Do choose if you have been hunting to help your business to grow online.


  • Get cheap domain name registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Weebly Website Builder
  • Web Design
  • Domain Transfer
  • Dedicated service
domainplus.com.my sales@domainplus.com.my 604-609-7800

16. Casbay


Casbay is a worthy platform imparting all kinds of all-in-one solutions to take your business to the next level. Here, you will have affordable online solutions to any sort of business. Moreover, you can have amazing hosting plans that provide emails, websites and more to start your online presence. High specs servers and digital marketing services in order to enhance your website traffic and conversion.



  • You will have the facility of fully managed service regarding your hosting solutions
  • Cost-efficient in comparison of hiring additional head out
  • To have fast, reliable and stable options
casbay.com.my sales@casbay.com.my NA

17. Webglob Yegon


Webglob Yegon is regarded as a Malaysian Hosting Company was a part of Slovakia-based hosting group WY and it was built on combined fundamental values of Webglob and Yegon merged in the year of 2014. They do hold a highly dedicated team of skilled IT professionals having super-high availability as well as top speed of your website. They are indeed regarded as a dream hoster and called the best choice for doing business on the internet.


  • Get VPN Hosting, Cloud VDC and Dedicated Hosting at competitive prices
  • Enjoy guaranteed accessibility
  • Easy administration
  • Do have Everyday support
  • Incredible Satisfaction Rate
  • Customer support even at the weekend and holidays
wy.com.my support@wy.com.my 039-212-6905

18. MyDuniya Hosting


MyDunia Hosting is regarded as one of the pioneer web hosting providers dedicated to its job. It was established in the year of 2008 and has been catering for a long time carving out its special image as straightforward honest as well as reliable web hosting provider in Malaysia. What makes it different from others is that having experience in web hosting business for the past 5 years. They are going with the motto of introducing incredible web hosting services, servers as well as a reliable network having immediate customer support.


  • To have to host for WordPress
  • Business email
  • Cloud VPS
  • To have a dedicated server
  • Enjoy SSL Certificate
  • Introduce competitive price
  • 24./7 customer support to make them feel better
  • To have free migration
myduniahosting.com sales@myduniahosting.com NA

19. iCore Technology


iCore Technology is known for an amazingly cheap price without compromising the quality. It has carved out a special image at the forefront because of imparting a quick hosting account indeed. Moreover, the payment terms are quite easier. iCore Technology is giving a strong competition to its competitors. Experts are available to assist you in a great way.


  • Get amazing services including E-commerce Hosting Services, Word press hosting services, Forum hosting services, SME hosting services, web hosting services.
  • Associated with reputed brands
  • No hidden costs since all costs have been mentioned clearly on the site
  • Customer support is available 24X7
  • High-quality intel-based server and branded hardware are introduced only
icore.com.my NA 601-974-29566

20. Gbnetwork


GB Network Solutions has been introduced in this field for a long time and known for introducing amazing reliability as well as performance. We are specialized in imparting support dedicated to servers, web hosting, collocation, domain name and so on. What makes it different from other options is catering outstanding possible internet services at reasonable prices along with great customer service and support.


  • GB Network comes up with amazing solutions including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting and so on
  • You will have 99.9% up time guarantee
  • 24/7 dedicated support will be there
  • Network Monitoring option is also available
  • Data protection
  • Get money back guarantee
gbnetwork.com sales@gbnetwork.my 603-8686-5540

21. GoDaddy

godaddy GoDaddy does not need any short introduction. It has almost 14 offices all around the globe. As of now, it has empowered almost 19m million people every day. It makes us feel great that almost 78m customers do trust us along with their 78 million domain  names. The motto of establishing this Best Hosting Malaysia company is imparting the best service.

  • Get variety of services including professional email, web hosting, SSL, WordPress under one roof
  • Hold incredible respect from its customers
  • Get your data protected
  • Get fast, secure and always online hosting oriented service
  • Best technology is used as well as you will have 24X7 phone support
godaddy.com sales@godaddy.com 036-207-4694

22. Yeahhost


Yeahhost has carved out a special image at the forefront. It is ruling over so many hearts because of its cheap domain name registration along with outstanding discount offers. Here, you can also have the facility of cloud host server at competitive prices. It is an ideal place to have high-quality web solutions, hosting plans as well as domain. User-friendly service and developing easy to use applications will make you fall in love with it.


  • Get Cloud Web hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud server oriented service and more at best prices
  • Highly secure service make it worthy to choose indeed
  • Get 24x7x365 support
  • Get incredible value for money
yeahhost.com.my domain@yeahhost.com.my 604-641-5668

23. NetKL

netkl NetKL is counted on the list of top 30 web hosting companies adhered to serve the best service. For beginners, shared hosting options are also available so that they would not have to worry about budget in a great way. NetKL comes up with a wide array of hosting options for all its customers such as Email Hosting, cPanel Tutorials, Hosting for WordPress Users , Hosting For Advanced Users.

  • User friendly control panel
  • Get SSL Certificates
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Great Support Center
  • Get free WHM success to have great experience
  • Do have fixed monthly fee
  • Free softaculous 
  • Overselling allowed
billing.netkl.com sales@netkl.com 603-277-06439

24. G04Hosting


G04Hosting is regarded as the best and leading web & application Cheap Hosting Malaysia service provider. It is introducing outstanding hosting, incredible cloud computing solutions and business email services. It was established in the year of 2000 and has been staunchly believed in order to deliver excellent and performance-driven web hosting and enterprise-ready cloud service. Cost effective solutions, maximum data security, server connections are some of the amazing key features that make Go4Hosting worthy to choose indeed.


  • ISO certified indicates that it is a trustworthy Malaysia Domain Hosting company.
  • It holds more than 1000+ satisfied and happy clients.
  • Get 24X7 technical support
  • 99.95% Guaranteed Up time
go4hosting.com/my sales@go4hosting.com 012-0627-7777

25. Hostinger


Hostinger Malaysia does not need any sort of introduction since it has emerged as a new leader when it comes to cheap web hosting solutions. As of now, millions of users have already been catered. It makes them happy and satisfied seeing their clients happy with their service. There are a variety of hosting services that are introduced at this Malaysia Domain Hosting platform including Best VPS Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting and so on.


  • Get different types of hosting including cloud web, cheap web and VPS hosting
  • Each one comes up with different features, you may choose accordingly.
  • Easy to setup so that you would not confront many issues
  • Simply fast websites
  • Get best customer support to stay away from hassles 
hostinger.my support@hostinger.com NA

26. TezHost


TezHost is instrumental in providing the low cost and high end services of web hosting and domain. They are dedicated to delivering the services to the customers in a professional manner so as to completely satisfy them. They have a reliable team of domain and web hosting that helps in registering with a perfect domain name.


  • There is good availability of every day security checks
  • You will also get an up time guarantee of 99.9%. Along with this, customers can get a 30-Day money back policy.
  • They have served more than 4000 clients with result oriented solutions.
tezhost.com.my sales@tezhost.com.my 92-051-8312631

27. JustSimple


Established in 1999,  JustSimple Malaysia is a distinguished entity engaged in delivering the services of SEO, E-commerce, website design, and website development to the clients in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia wide. The professionalism and proven track records of this company enabled them to acquire more than 2,000 clients. They always put their client first when it comes to making them content.


  • You will get fully integrated in-product support.
  • Along with this, there is the availability of 1 Year Free Website Support & CMS Software Maintenance for the clients.
  • The customers will get an e-commerce package that has rich features and fast tools.
justsimple.com.my info@justsimple.com.my 603-788-50606

28. Sikulipat


It is a reputed web hosting company including a free domain name registration/transfer with all your amazing web hosting plans indeed. Sikulipat has been imparting shared hosting, re seller hosting, business hosting, virtual private servers and a variety of amazing solutions as per your needs.  Here, you can have best service available 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. As of now many customers have taken service from here and now they are highly satisfied and happy.


  • Get different affordable domain hosting plan according to your needs
  • Amazing hosting features
  • Get 100% pure SSD’s
  • Variety of features
  • Do have 100% white-labelled re seller
  • Integrated script installer
  • Quality support
  • Outstanding record
sikulipat.com support@sikulipat.com 603-7611-4631

29. Shinjiru


Shinjiru is at trustworthy Web Hosting Malaysia company to choose having 20 years of experience. It is going with the motto to help your business go digital imparting the best web hosting tools and services. The best thing is that it supports to grow and convert ideas into reality as well as empower entrepreneurs in order to pursue their amazing dreams.


Talking about the amazing benefits, Shinjiru has always been available for 24/7. They make sure that you will have amazing service from their side. 

  • One stop solutions for all your domain needs.
  • Domain Transfer is quite easy and smooth
  • Have benefit of attractive re seller program
  • Migrate to Shinjiru Program
  •  MS office 365 free consultation
shinjiru.com.my contactus@shinjiru.com.my 03-798-71191

30. SiteGround

siteground It is trusted by legion of owners when it comes to domains. It  was established in the year of 2004. They are dedicated towards going with passion, dedication as well as expertise. What makes us different from others is that we do always take care of our customers. The motto of establishing this Web Hosting Malaysia company is introducing the best and outstanding service.

They always come up with innovative ideas and adhere to make you have the best experience. You can have amazing benefits such as –

  •         Managed WordPress hosting
  •         Reliable web hosting
  •         High performance WooCommerce Hosting
  •         Auto callable Cloud Hosting
  •         Serving all around the globe to its customers
siteground.com sales@siteground.com 1800-828-9231


Hope this list having the name of top 30 companies would truly help you to go with an ideal and cheap hosting Malaysia. It is time to take an ideal decision indeed saving your time, efforts and money.

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