Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TopFirms is a site that is focused on IT directory and publishing the list of top web and software development companies. It makes sure that the services offered are of high quality as well as cost-effective. Important information is also given to customers to make sure they always update with what happens in the IT world.

We realize that privacy in the World Wide Web is a very important thing for clients. TopFirms puts efforts to let you use it in a better way for a better experience while visiting or using services from our website.

The entire information we ask, including the name, address, and email address, will be used to manage help and services. If you are interested to receive an update, we will send further information completely that looks like good for you.

The management of TopFirms will not sell your information to other companies. Even if there are issues dealing with it, your agreement will be prioritized. Additionally, as long as the privacy policy has still been applied, we will continuously send you the upgrades.

The privacy policy only involves information that is found on the website. It excludes software and programs downloaded from other sites linked to it.

Uses of Information Gathered

It has been mentioned above that the users’ data and information are mainly functioned to manage help and services. It works by using the following steps. First, TopFirms saves information from registration, cookies, clear gif, cookies, and others to create users’ profiles.

Second, private data like names, email addresses, and phone numbers are collected privately. It automatically includes your IP addresses, and preferences which are related to a specific search. Third, we use this information to contact you and talk about services given our site. You will have options to share your information, unique identity, and more.

Fourth, the information is also used to enable TopFirms management to contact users regularly. When there is something asked related to the service, the site will reply it through email or phone number.

Safety and Security

Information leakage is a big issue nowadays. TopFirms makes sure that such an incident will not be experienced by this site’s users. The site puts efforts to protect users’ information. When you share your information, it is guaranteed that the information will be protected well online and offline.

Share Your Private Data

There are some cases where your data are shared with other users. First, TopFirms can share your data with the third party, in a case; the third party is hired for services. The third party also has a duty to keep your data as well as process them based on our instructions.

Second, TopFirms may share your private data in order to protect ourselves from various accusations and get law protection from officers. Sharing your data is necessary also to apply terms and conditions applied in our services and protect the rights, properties, and safety of TopFirms teams.