20 Best Audio Recording Apps for Android in 2020

Audio Recording Apps For Android

Though, most of the android smartphones come with a feature to record voice notes. However, for professionals who are looking for a more polished studio-like experience, an Android audio recording app can be of great help. In case you want something custom build, you can Hire Android App Developers from Techcronus.

Here we have compiled the best 20 audio recording apps available in the play store currently.

1. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

A simple yet professional audio recorder for musicians. Using this Android audio recording app you can easily record lectures, interviews and more.

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2. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder


Available in both free and premium versions, this voice recording app is great for academic purposes. Lectures, interviews, and meetings can be proficiently recorded using it.

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3. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder

With features like background recording, SD card support and option to skip the silences, this app is available in both the free and the premium versions.

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4. Voice Recorder


It is a basic voice recording apps that comes with features like MP3 support and background recording. It is ideal for a basic audio recording of lectures, interviews, and other voice memos.

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5. OneNote


It is Microsoft’s note-taking platform, however it can be used for voice recordings efficiently. 

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6. Parrot


It is a great app that offers a customizable voice recording experience to Android users. It also enables you to opt for HD recording as well as call recording options, in case you need them.

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7. Evernote


Though this app is mainly popular for organizing information and notes, it can be used for audio recording as well.

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8. RecForge-2


It is a great app to record both musical instruments as well as your day to day voice memos. It comes with an interesting feature that allows skipping recording wherever there is silence.

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9. Walk-Band


This app is recommended for professionals musicians and has been specifically built for instrumentation. Here you can easily record audio for several simulated instruments that have been provided along with the app.

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10. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

With a number of built-in instruments, this audio recording app is great for individuals who wish to create a variety of music.

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11. BandLab


It is one of the popular audio recorders available in the market. Best suited for the entire band or group of musicians.

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12. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

With the ability to record live music, this app is a great option for musicians especially for ones who are fond of the electronic style.

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13. Music MakerJam

Music MakerJam

It is another great sound recording apps for musicians who are looking for a simple and functional tool. Users can easily record both the music as well the vocals using it.

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14. Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder

This app offers a great audio recording experience with a high-quality sound. It enables you to edit the recorded voice files as per your requirements.

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15. Call Recorder

Call Recorder

If you need to just record the audio for the incoming and the outgoing calls on your Android phone, then this is a great option. You can record an unlimited number of calls using this app and can also share the voice files through Skype, SMS and other file sharing platforms.

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16. Cogi


This is yet another great Android audio recording appfor recording memos, and offer ease of use. You can easily record memos and then add images and even hashtags to them. The app also allows storing memos on the cloud.

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17. Snipback


One of the most interesting features of this audio recording app is that it allows you to record a conversation that has happened some seconds ago. For example, if you went to some seminar and you weren’t recording through the app, but found something meaningful to save. The app allows you to go back in time and save the audio. 

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18. Lecture Notes

Lecture NotesBy installing the Lecture Recording plugin on your device, you can use the voice recording features of this app. The best thing about this app is that it can be used offline as well.

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19. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice RecorderThe application is great for users who are in search of a quality audio recording app. You can not only record high-quality sounds, but also control the speed of the recording, skip the silences, add notes to the voice files, and also connect a microphone to the app. Moreover, the app also enables you to store your voice files on Google Drive and Dropbox.

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20. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting NotesIt is best suited for a large team of professionals as this app allows you to store the audio recording for meetings, presentations, and seminars. The app has a built-in AI that enables it to identify the voices of various speakers during a meeting. Moreover, it also allows for adding images and slides to the voice notes to make it simple to understand. 

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We hope this list will help you to find the right recording app for your business. In case, you want to get an audio app build, then contact us. We are involved in Mobile app development and can create various sorts of mobile apps for Android devices.