Fake Companies List – TCS and IBM Shared Fake Consultancies across India by 2019/2020

fake company list

There are too many fake companies in the consulting services in many major Indian cities. These “companies” tend to promise unsuspecting job seekers juicy appointments in blue chip (and any other higher chip you can think of) companies.

fake company list

These unsuspecting freshmen/women in the labour industry become easily deceived and take all the things they hear very seriously. The job seekers are normally asked to pay a fee for “registration” into the “database” of these companies. These companies have caused a lot of frustration for a great number of job seekers in India.

According to statistics, there are currently more than ten thousand fake companies or consultancy firms in major Indian cities. The problems caused by these companies are numerous, and they bring out new tactics every day. These companies mostly target the vulnerable population, the jobseekers. These guys are cons that act in an official manner to get money off their “clients”.

There are cities in India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi and others where the number of these fake consultancy firms tends to be in the hundreds! These fake companies list among some of the chief reasons why job seekers become disenchanted with the labour system and resort to other means to make ends meet.

The issue is so intense that there are now fake companies’ listings in periodical format by trusted sources. There is a fake company list in Bangalore, and also a fake company list in Hyderabad. These cities have been regarded for a long time as the hardest hit by the fake companies/consultancy problem. One of the most notable lists of fake companies is the fake company list by Accenture. There is also a fake company list by IBM, a fake company list by NASSCOM, and another fake company list by TCS. All these are efforts by the government and private sector to out and identify the fake firms that are in business to swindle unsuspecting citizens.

Here we have some of the fake companies that have been listed in the fake companies list 2018, fake companies list 2019, and fake companies list 2020 of the above mentioned companies that compile the lists. It is a fact that some of these companies have already been listed as fake in 2020 because of their continuous engagement in nefarious practices to swindle the public.

Before we identify some of these fake consultancies, we have to take a look at why they are considered to be fakes in the first place. These are some of the things that make the fake firms “stand out”:

Office address:

When you go through the information of many of these fake consultancy lists, one thing you’ll notice is that majority of them have an address that is either phony or not really their address. There are some companies that will just make use of “Chennai” or “Bangalore” as their office address. If you get to receive a call for an interview or anything else, be sure to get enough information about the company and ascertain if their address is really an address to begin with.

Web information:

In the world today, the possibility of a business being out of the internet is next to zero. There are companies on these fake lists that do not have a registered website. How can such a company be trusted as a real service provider by anyone I wonder? On theother hand, there are some companies that have a website but are still considered fake. The next section will tell how to detect a clever fake.


There are companies in the fake consulting business that are actually former duly registered firms. Some of these firms have been blacklisted for years due to their being complicit in unwholesome practices. Some of the other companies are just unregistered jackpot seekers that open up an office without any paperwork backing their operations from the government.

Suspicious activity:

This is very glaring in some cases as these fake firms now believe bold communication helps to convince the unsuspecting client. When you place a call through to one of these “companies”, you should watch out if their staff members are always reluctant to have a face-to-face conversation. This should be a warning sign. Other fake consultancies will ask you to pay an amount for an interview for a job. This is also a red flag. You should watch out when getting in contact with any firm contacting you for a job or business deal. Their approach to the “deal” will prove if they are legit or not.

List of Some Fake Consultancy Firms in Major Indian Cities

Here we have the list of some of the fake companies and consultancy firms in major Indian cities. The full list is exhaustive and we’re very sure there’sa lot more where these came from:

  • Centen Information Systems,No address
  • Centric Software Technology, Bangalore
  • Charli Solutions (P) Limited, No address
  • Cherubs Software Solutions, No address
  • CK Technologies, No address
  • Clara Technologies, No address
  • Complete Object Solutions, Hyderabad
  • Convex Technologies, No address
  • Copious IT Services, Bangalore
  • Coreshell Technologies, No address
  • DG Microsys Consultancy Services, Chennai
  • Diac Spaa Technologies, No address
  • Digitech Solution Limited, No address
  • Dream Soft Solutation,Mumbai
  • Dreamware Infotech, Chennai

These are some of the companies that have been listed as fake consecutively in the lists of IBM, Accenture, NASSCOM and many other reputable organisations. The comprehensive lists of these companies are available, and you can keep yourself safe from fraudulent activities with it.

fake company lists
source: https://freshersjobsaadda.blogspot.com


There are thousands of fake companies in India that are out to play a fast one on residents and citizens of India. It is very vital to cross-reference the name of any company you have an appointment with across this list. It is also advisable to use the tips we have provided to investigate the company that approaches you for a job or any business deal. One thing that you must also register is that no legit firm will ask you to pay money for a job, or to be awarded a contract. Be wise and be safe. Make use of these lists.