Kids Coding Languages – 17 Best Programming languages to learn in 2020

kids programming language

Coding is an essential part of learning in present scenario. Now, question is which languages are the best options for your kids to learn in 2020? Here we discuss Kids coding language and different programming languages with their unique features. After going through this article, anyone can understand easily that which is the best coding language for one’s kids.

kids programming language

Right Visual coding environment Vs Textual coding environment

There are so many coding languages. Now you have to choose which language is the best fit for your kid from different programming languages for kids. It totally depends upon the capability of your kid.

Some children are so talented and they can start their coding with some complex coding languages like Cpp or C. Some other kids don’t feel comfort in writing codes for written programming languages.

Visual programming interface is more exciting for children than text editor. Age group of 5-10 years kids are can do better in visual programming interfaces. After the age of 13, kids are ready to work in textual interfaces but before this age, it is better to go with visual interfaces.

In spite of this general phenomena, it is totally depends on your child’s capability, aptitude and grasping power that which environment is more suitable textual or visual.

Choosing the right coding environment for your Kid

Just dragging and dropping the blocks of code is more comfortable for your child, isn’t it? There is no use of keyboard at all. Instead of you have to use of keyboard and writing codes yourself in textual coding environment.

Typing and writing codes is bit difficult for your kid that is why here we suggest you to choose a visual coding environment for your child. Just a wrongly placed semicolon can crash the whole program in textual environment. Focusing on these tiny things is frustrating in the early age.

Right Choice for your Kid in the ocean of programming languages-

There are lots of programming languages but you can divide all programming languages in three basic categories. Complied programming language, Interpreted programming language, Object oriented programming languages.

1. Complied Programming Language

Program written in the compiled programming languages, is complied before running. Code written in C++  compiled completely before running. After compilation, code is ready to run but it cannot be edited now.

It is a main problem with these Complied-programming languages. Just one single syntax error can ruin the whole program. If you have made any mistake, you need to go back and check the code again.

Not every complied programming language is bad for kids some are easy to understand too, BASIC is one of them because it is both complied and interpreted. Kids can easily make program in BASIC after that this program can easily compile and run.

2. Interpreted Programming Languages

JavaScript, perl, PHP are interpreted programming languages. These languages are used mostly on the World Wide Web. It is not feasible and realistic to use compiled language on the World Wide Web. Program, written in Interpreted programming languages, runs quickly.

These languages are works as a fuel for the web. HTML and CSS are also used in the development of web pages. HTML is a markup language where as CSS is style sheet language.

This kind of languages are easy to learn for kids because of their simple syntax and easy to grasp nature. Choosing an Interpreted Programming Language is a good option for your child.

3. Object-Oriented Programming Language(Oops)

Object-Oriented Programming is the best option for your kid. You can choose any Object-Oriented Programming language for your child even if you want to make your child professional programmer.

Before starting programming in the Oops you have to know some basic concepts of procedural programming languages like C.

C is called the mother language of all programming languages. Procedural programming languages are based on the logical progression like If and Else (If this true than execute the If clause otherwise run the Else clause).

But Object-Oriented Programming language is based on the objects here one object interacts with the other objects directly in the program or with the objects of another program.

Procedural language follows the linear approach whereas Object Oriented Programming language follows the Object Oriented Approach.

Object oriented Programming is bit difficult to understand for the beginners that is why it is good have some knowledge about procedural language first. C is a procedural language whereas Java is an Object Oriented Language.

Best Programming languages for kids

You can make a right decision if you know little bit more about different programming languages and interfaces. Here we discuss different suitable programming languages for kids.

1. Scratch 3.0

It is a visual programming language which is mainly designed for children. Your child can do the coding with blocks in the editor. Kids can use this platform for making online projects as well. Here we include Scratch 3.0 at the first place in our list because it can be the best kids coding language.


Scratch is developed by the MIT media lab. It is a block-based coding language which is works on event driven concept. Concepts of Scratch can be used in other languages like Java and Python.

Making programs in Scratch is extremely easy. Coding in Scratch is beneficial for your kids to give them a programmer’s approach. Start learning programming is not an easy process for children that is why their first programming language should be fun for them.

Scratch can build programming interests in your child. Once your child get some interest in the coding, he/she will automatically attracts towards to do programming.

2. Python

This programming language is just like a normal speech. Python code is a well written code that is why one doesn’t have to write unnecessary comments.

It is very close to English therefore your child can start learning immediately. You can say that Python is a Kids coding language. In fact, your child can build program just like functional programming.

One don’t need to use higher concepts like classes and objects at the beginners’ level.


Python is a perfect language to start programming. One can build basic understanding about the programming after spending some time with Python. This language come with some built in programming functionalities.

Python supports different coding paradigms, including imperative, procedural, and functional and Object Oriented Programming. Python comes with standard library and interpreters for different operating systems. Due to these above characteristics Python can be a good choice to start.

3. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Start with HTML/CSS is a good thing to learn concept of programming. If your child want to do something in web designing than HTML/CSS is the best choice for your kid and it would be the favorite language of your kid.


HTML/CSS is very helpful for the children who want to peruse web designing. Since every browser and Windows OS supports HTML that is why there is no need to purchase any other paid software to work on it.

Different colors, layouts and objects are used in HTML. It is used to perform simple tasks such as make a word document colorful. Knowledge of CSS is essential for web designing.

You can not imagine World Wide Web without these two fantastic languages these are HTML and CSS.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most interesting coding language from Programming language for Kids. This language is used in web development and web design along with HTML/CSS. One, who interested to develop a web application, should start learning JavaScript.

This language is used to create complex web applications. World Wide Web depends on three core technologies these are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In these days engines based on JavaScript are used to run different software like database, desktop widgets, servers.


Including above mentioned software JavaScript used to make non-web software like word processing software, PDF software etc. With the help of JavaScript or we can say with the knowledge of JavaScript, students start identify different things on the web page and start thinking about the story of development of the web page.

If your Kid want to learn web development, you have to encourage him/her to learn this fantastic kids coding language that is JavaScript.

5. Dart

Dart is developed by Google and this is a class defined object oriented programming language. Dart is similar to Go because both are garbage collected language and both use C-style syntax.

We will discuss Go further in this article. This language is used to develop web server, desktop, mobile application etc. A open-source mobile development framework, Flutter, developed by Google, to develop iOS and Android based mobile application, is written and developed in Dart.


This language is so easy to understand and learn for children that are why this is one of the best programming languages for kids. Fast compilation, native code, predictable and robustness are some unique features of this language that make Dart an efficient programming language.

You can make smooth animations too with Dart. Animations built in Dart can be 60fps(Frame per Second). All the kids like animated pictures that is why it can be the best way to attract your child for coding.

6. C#

C# is pronounced as “See Sharp”. This language is developed in the year of Y2K virus that is 2000. C# is developed by Microsoft. Does your child like 3D games? If yes, you have to go with C# for your child. C# is the best language to build 3D games.

This language is used to develop different third party applications used in Windows. It is a demanding language for different software developer job profiles.


C# is a good option to start learning coding because you can start learning programming with C# without any prior experience of coding. This language is used to develop different games, web applications and many other programs.

Rich class library, healthy memory backup and automatic garbage collection make this language an unique programming language. Students who want to make application in the windows, it’s the best programming language for them.

7. C++

C++ is pronounced as “C plus-plus.”  Application or program developed in this language runs locally that means you can run C++ program on your machine or computer.

If your child is so serious about programming than you have to choose C++ language for him/her. This language gives the deep understanding of coding and programming. With this language, your child can make a strong foundation of coding.


C++ is not a kids coding language actually but if your child want to make career in the gaming industry or software development industry than you have to start her/his training in C++.

This language is used to develop games, system software or many other programs. This language always in demand. C++ is the starting of Object Oriented Programming concept. So if you are eager to start your coding life than go with C++.

8. Java

Java is a very popular programming language. It is a widely used coding language. Programs of Java are used in different appliances like refrigerator, washing machine etc and in complex systems like traffic management system.

In these days, appliances are not used java, instead of they used newer technologies. Today Java is indirectly used to develop mobile applications because Android is developed in Java and Android is used to develop android mobile apps.

Therefore, if your kid wants to make mobile app in Android, knowledge of Java is must before learning Android.


Here one thing is considerable that is prior knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. Before learning Java your kid should familiar with some Object Oriented concepts like classes, interfaces, packages, objects, inheritance etc.

That means to start working Java need some patience as well. So you should be careful about the choice of your child. If your child want to learn Java than he/she learn the concepts of Object Oriented Programming first.

9. Swift

Swift is developed by Apple for their gadgets’ OS like iOS, Apple watch OS, mac OS, tvOS and even for Linux. It is a multi paradigm, general purpose, complied programming language.

To work with Cocoa touch framework of Apple, Swift is designed. You can work on Objective-C code as well with Swift. It uses Objective-C library at the run time therefore C++, Objective-C and Swift code run within a single program.

To teach code to children, Apple launched Swift playgrounds in the year of 2016. Actually in an iPad application, there many programming and coding lessons and gaming challenges related to coding in an interactive graphically pleasing backgrounds.

This app is in a 3D video game. When your child place code in a certain sequence and execute this, it give feedback to the user. So we can say that it is a good idea where students use iPad for learning.


Here you have to consider one thing that Swift playground comes with limited scope of coding. It does not provide freedom to your child to think beyond the boundaries. In spite of it is a good choice to start learning programming for your kid and it may become the kid coding language for your kid.

10. Go

Another name of “Go” is “Golang” and this programming language is developed by world famous company Google. Rob Pike, Ken Thompson and Robert Griesmer are three Google’s engineers, who developed this pretty good coding language.

Go has been used by different leading companies like YouTube, Dropbox, Apple, Google, BBC, Twitter, IBM and this list continues. Syntactically it is quite similar to the mother of programming language C.


Go has simple syntax and structure that is why it is easy to understand for your kid. Go is based on functions, so if your child know the C language, he/she can understand Go’s concepts easily.

Since Go is a complied programming language, you have to be more alert during the programming and because of this alertness your program will be just like as you want.

In this language development is quick and cost efficient. You can maintain your program easily in the Go. Garbage collection, memory safety, multiple process run at a time, structural typing are some of its unique characteristics.

Source code of Go, tools for coding and its compiler all these are open source and free. Go can be used on multiple platforms like Linux or Unix and Windows. Hence, it is a good idea to take this language as your kid coding language.


BASIC is a programming language in which BASIC means Beginner’s All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. In the beginning, this language is designed as an interactive mainframe time sharing language by Thomas Kurtz and John Kemeney in 1963.

This language is widely used in personal computers and firstly used on IBM’s first family computers. Although BASIC is not so much used now, still it is a good option for kids coding language. Because it is easy to understand for beginners and syntax is very simple.

12. Alice

Carnegie Mellon University developed this amazing block based language. This language uses visual environment. If your kid loves to code in visual environment than it’s a right choice for your kid.

Alice is used to develop programming habit in kids that is the reason behind calling this language programming language for kid.

13. Blockly

It is a concept of Google. This language used to develop visual program with the use of interlocking blocks. Blockly is good for children who are not enough mature to understand programming concepts but want to do something in programming.

14. CoderZ

With the use of CoderZ kids can develop their own virtual 3D robot. Actually it is purely not a programming language, it is a overlay of Java. It is beneficial for your child because with the CoderZ he/she start learning the deep concepts of Java.

15. Perl

In the development of World Wide Web, Perl played an important role. Code for sending a form, from one site to another website was written in Perl. Now, in the present time PHP and JavaScript has taken the place of Perl.

But still Perl is a good programming language for kids. With the help of this language your kid can start making tiny concepts about World Wide Web and programming. It is a interpreted programming language with object oriented capabilities. It is a good programming language for kids who are talented and have some grip on programming.

16. PHP

You have to move on PHP after learning about HTML. PHP is used to display and maintain web pages with the collaboration of HTML. It is a language to make interactive web pages.

PHP is used to perform many more things on web. This language is used in different website content management systems like WordPress and Drupal. PHP is easy to learn and if your child grasping power is good, you can suggest him/her to go with this language.

17. Ruby

Just like BASIC, syntax of writing code in Ruby is very easy. It can be a good language for start programming for young programmer. You can easily search a free tutorial over web to get familiar with this language.

Coding languages or programming languages for kids keep changing time to time but some coding languages are evergreen. Here in this article, we have discussed about the top demanding coding languages for kids in 2020.

Except above programming languages, there some more exciting coding languages which can be chosen by your kid to learn programming. These are-

  1. Kodu – for creating games for kids.
  2. Twine – An interactive fiction tool
  3. Arduino – A platform for prototyping.
  4. Unreal Blueprints – Scripting system for visual gameplay.
  5. Lego Mindstroms – For build robots and bots.

Let Your Kids Move into the world of Computer Programming

You should not surprise if your kid surpass you in technical knowledge. You just have to give a starting point to him/her. In this article, here we discussed different programming languages for making a start in the coding. In the above languages, any language can be your kid’s coding language.