15 Best Innovative Mobile App Development Ideas to Try in 2020


Many mobile app development companies are trying to present the innovation for their products to the world. As the world moves into an era where everything will be digitized, those companies need to step up their game to be able to provide the best thing for the users.

Now, speaking about the apps that will come up in 2020, these ideas might come up as the best choice, if you want to join the competition next year.

1. Shopping App

Online shopping has become a culture of modern people. Therefore, choosing to make a shopping app is not wrong at all. Many big online stores, like Amazon or eBay, also provide the app for their customers. So, you also can do the same.

For example, work together with a startup to promote their service or product. Or, you also can make a shopping app to help customers to shop, like providing information about the best deal or helping them with bulk buying.

2. Taxi App

Now, we can easily book and call a cab by using the app from popular services, such as Uber, Taxify, and others. You also can develop a similar app.

However, you can make it more interesting and useful by providing an extra feature that those big companies don’t have, such as passenger safety and others. 

3. Cooking App

People love to cook and try recipes from the internet. However, it’s just time-consuming to find the best recipe they want to try. This is where the cooking assistant app can help them. The app helps them find the recipe.

That’s not all. You also can make it become a real assistant or a guide. So, they can use it while cooking. Some of the successful similar apps are Food.corn and BigOven. You can use them as inspiration or reference before you try this idea.

4. Gas Delivery App

In the past, we cooked using firewood or even kerosene. However, today, most of us cook using cooking gas. So, when it runs out, we have to order which can be troublesome.

Having an app that can help us order the refill or new gas cylinder will be a fantastic idea. This idea will mostly get a good response from the residential and restaurant area.

5. Fuel Delivery App

This app is similar to gas delivery apps. Currently, many startups provide this service. So, it is a good idea to create an app that can help them to connect with the customer much easier.

We don’t need to leave our house to get the fuel for our vehicle. We just need to use the app to order and it will be delivered to our house. Isn’t that great? 

6. Local Store Delivery App

There is an actual app that provides this service. You order the product you want to buy from groceries store or supermarkets in your city. And, the service provider will buy them for you, and then deliver the product to your house.

However, it is only one part of their various delivery services. So, if you can make it an exclusive app for hyper-local delivery like this, plus adding many interesting features, guaranteed your app will be successful in the future.

7. Social Media App

It doesn’t mean you have to make social media and an app to access it. You can use the existing social media as the base. Then, create an app that can be used to access and manage the social media or social networking easily.

Many startups and even big companies will need it, as social media is their most effective media for marketing and promoting. So, by creating an app that can be used to control them, it will be much useful.

8. Travel App

This idea will always be a good idea forever. People need a vacation. So, the travel app helps them to short their vacation plan out and prepare them much easier.

You can make a new variation or add extra features that the current travel app doesn’t have. Providing the latest vacation destination trend or price calculation is also a good idea. Just use your creativity to create a travel app that you think will help people a lot.

9. Learning App

Nowadays, you can find many types of learning the app. One of them is a language learning app. This is what you need to try next year. This app will be a great match with the travel app. So, if you can develop both of them, you are on the right track to get the best thing in 2020.

There are many features you can add to the app. For example, you can add the feature that shows how to pronoun specific words of a different language or, how to use specific words for conversation and such. As always, you can use other similar popular language learning apps as a reference, for example, Memrise or Busuu.

10. Health App

People’s awareness of the importance of health has increased these days. However, they have difficulty to keep their health in good condition. Mostly, it is because of their busy activity at work or school. The app has the sole purpose to create a routine that helps its users to practice or live a healthier lifestyle. 

There are many kinds of features you can add to it. A simple feature to assist their exercise is a good example. You also can add tips to keep a healthy lifestyle. Or, the app works as a reminder to eat a healthy meal. 

11. Virtual Designer App

When you want to buy furniture and redesign your room interior, it takes too much time to choose the right furniture that matches your room. With the virtual designer app, you can easily do that.

By choosing the furniture you want to buy from the app, and then place it virtually in your room image you upload in the app, you can easily see how the furniture will look like in your room. It is not the only furniture. 

You also can add features to change the wall paint, adding decoration, plants and even the different types of the curtain for your room. In short, this app will become a virtual interior designer for its users. Add the feature to buy the furniture or decoration its user chooses in the app directly from the online store. This will give this app more value for the users.

12. Mobile Wallet App

Smartphone and other mobile devices now isn’t a strange and luxurious object anymore. Everyone from all over the world uses it daily. With this wide usage, the cashless payment method’s popularity also increases for these past years. People start to leave cash payments and use a credit card and digital wallet to pay for the transaction.

So, the app that can be used to access the digital wallet and make a payment directly from the user’s digital wallet is perfect for the upcoming years. When the payment method trend changes into cashless, your app will become one of the important elements of that era.

13. Beauty Service App

The most annoying thing about beauty service is when you have to wait for a long time in a long queue. You can solve this problem by creating an app to order the beauty service. Through the app, you can make a detailed order of what kind of service you want to get.

Plus, you also can find out the time when you will get your service. This will help the beauty center to create a better experience for their customer. And, for the beautician and hairdresser, they can create a neater system to provide their service. It eases their workload as well.

14. Barter App

Even though the concept of barter or exchange an item with other items that have similar value is the old practice, there is a new trend that this kind of exchange is emerging these days. Mostly, it’s because of too many unused items that people have and don’t know how to get rid off of it.

So, by providing a digital platform that connects people that need the unused items they don’t need and they can trade it there, you can create one of the best innovations for those who need it. 

15. Disaster Management App

Disaster is difficult to predict. However, with the technology, you can manage it, so you can low the damage caused by it, as well as prevent more victims of the disaster.

So, you can try to create an app that helps people to find more about the disaster. The app can help them with providing information about the shelter area when a disaster occurs, how to protect the users during the disaster, how to contact the rescue team and many more. 

Those ideas have been started to develop by many app development companies india and other countries. You also can join them and develop the app that you want. You need a good amount of resources and skills to create the app, though. So, prepare that first.