Interview With The CEO Of Adequate Web Solutions – Sahil Mansuri

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Q. Give us a brief introduction about you and your company (Adequate Web Solutions)

I’m Mansuri Sahil, CEO of Adequate Web Solutions with 10+ years of experience. Adequate is highly passionate for fulfilling the dream of clients into the real life and deliver robust solutions. We highly believe in hard work and dedication for client satisfaction and productive end results, which not only deliver end results but also give best user experience. We always prefer to use latest technology and agile methodology for project completion.   

Adequate web solutions offers you remarkable and top-notch Website solutions, Mobile app development with Digital marketing services. 

Sahil Mansuri interview

Q. Type of services your company offers (expertise areas )?

At Adequate Web Solution, we offer a complete solution related but not limited to eCommerce, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Code igniter, UI/UX Design and SEO.

Q. Define the work flow of your company – Client entry to delivery of a service.

Our company’s workflow goes through six different steps, i.e. planning, analysis, design, development & implementation, testing & deployment, and maintenance. We have a predominant model of workflow that ensures business optimization through quality improvements.

Q. What are the key challenging factors while completing a project?

It is a bit difficult to manage projects, as there are many challenging factors like Unrealistic Deadlines, Risk Management, keeping a team on the same page, defining goals and objectives properly, Lack of Accountability, and so on.

However, we have a talented team and proper management with the right mix of planning, controlling, and monitoring that helps us to complete a project on time, budget and with better quality and results.

Q. How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies’ models?

Flexibility is the key success to our business model. We have different agreement models, i.e. Time, Material and Dedicated Team. Depending on the project’s goals or pre-qualification business and data analysis process, clients can choose a business model to complete their project successfully. Before starting the development task, we educate our customers about our process and shaping them into successful projects. We research and develop unique ideas for every client to ensure success and long-lasting relationships. We maintain transparency and stay connected with our clients throughout the development process via email, Skype, and Call.

Q. What are your future goal for 2020-21?

Every company needs to set future goals. Like other companies, we do have our own goals that ensure the company’s success. By 2020, we ensure to reduce business costs by using the latest technologies and changing the way of operations. Now, we are planning to go on product development for 2020-21, we have some dynamic and innovative ideas of new products and we are looking forward to focus on it for the next year. We also plan to find an effective strategy for clients to increase traffic on their business sites, as increased traffic drives increased sales and customer loyalty. Last but not least, we will set specific organizational goals that help our company to measure the organization’s progress and success.

Q. Tell us about your technical expertise and success story of any achievement.

It is responsibility for developers to ensure that every part of the system running smoothly. Being a full stack developer, my expertise is to develop front end site architecture, develop back end site applications, design user interaction on web pages, create servers and databases for functionality, ensure cross-platform optimizations and create responsive application.

Having technical expertise and years of experience for being a full stack developer, I have helped my clients to complete their projects successfully. Even, to ensure project success, I always stay abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages.

 Q. As per your opinion, which technology dominate in recent years? What is the key success factor into that technology?

React and Angular are the most popular developing technology. React enables to make the best use for slower loading pieces of code and promotes the development of machine-readable programs. React’s library enables working with solutions like web pack. React also offers the ability to combine parts of an application into a single time file. There are many popular brands like Uber, Instagram, PayPal, etc. using React 91-8469094044