Interview With The CEO Of QSS Technosoft – Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay Pandey Feature image

Q. Give us a brief introduction about you and your company.

 I am Sanjay Pandey, the co-founder of QSS Technosoft. I’m honored to lead the QSS team with my strategic direction for the organization alongside my partner, Pankaj Wadhwa. I am currently managing the brand of the QSS handling both internal and external activities that include administration, providing inputs for technology direction, finding new markets, driving customer engagement through Sales & Marketing, and more.


Talking about our company QSS Technosoft, we are an India-based software development company founded in 2010. The company is engaged in offering industry-specific and niche technology solutions in terms of Web, Mobile & other Software. Working for global clients based across geographical boundaries, QSS is an ISO 27001 & CMMI Level 3 certified company that has got recognition for their efforts by industry leaders like Clutch, GoodFirms, Mirror Review, etc.

Q. Type of services your company offers (expertise areas )?

Our services range from Web Development, Mobile Application Development, System Integration, UI/UX Services to Product Engineering, Testing & Maintenance Services, etc.  Block-chain Development, AI & Machine Learning, Chat bot Development are some novel technologies that we have recently added up in our IT portfolio.  Our expertise lies in trying the latest technologies that are new & progressive ones. Some of the most prominent technologies we work with include: Angular, React, Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net, Node, etc.

Q. Define the work-flow of your company – Client entry to delivery of a service.

Our work process is completed into six different steps, i.e. planning, analyzing, designing, development & implementation, testing & deployment, and after support & maintenance.

When a client hires our services, we undergo:

  1. Requirement Gathering by thoroughly analyzing the client’s project. We undergo vigorous meetings with the client, asking about the features to be added, functionality, complexity, UI, and other requirements. For this, we conduct an in-depth session with the client clarifying his/her requirements or reference projects.
  2. The next step involves the project manager, who creates visibility of the work by creating one or several Micro Prototypes. He analyzes the business requirements and provides further ideas & suggestions to the client.
  3. Once we are clear about what we should do and how are we going to approach it technically, our UI/UX developers start working on prototype building or doing wireframes.
  4. Meanwhile, we sign a contract/proposal with the client.
  5. To estimate the exact time & budget, we break down & divide the entire project to small-sized tasks and work on the whole project as per divided milestone.
  6. Once we come to an agreement, we start with the Design and Development Phase followed by testing and then deployment.
  7. When everything is in place, we deliver the end service to the client with free Bug-Fixing. Support & maintenance post project deployment for a specified duration.

Q. What are the key challenging factors while completing a project?

 There are many challenges that come across in development of a project, some of them being:

  1. Inadequate communication
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Resource Deprivation
  4. Change of scope
  5. Impossible deadlines

To cope up with these challenges, our talented team rely on using the right mix of planning, controlling, and monitoring during each phase of development. This helps us to complete a project on time, budget and with better quality and results.

Q. How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies’ models?

QSS, with over 9+ years of expertise & 150+  strong team of developers, believes in working with detail-orientation & strong communication with all of our clients. Our team of engineers possesses strong expertise & knowledge in diversified areas of software development. Our business model allows us to professionally deal with our clients’ requirements while maintaining a high level of privacy. When approaching a new project, we strive to understand clients’ goals and get things done the way business really needs it.

Not just the clients, we value our employees as well, we keep upgrading their skills through knowledge sharing sessions & training. We are one of the early adopters and ahead of its competitors in trying upcoming technologies like IoT, Chat bot, Block-chain, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning (ML) to automate customers’ business needs.

Our way of doing business is based on complete transparency that allows us to reach mutual confidence avoiding misunderstandings that pose risks to a project. We work adjusting to the client’s time zone. This gives flexibility to the team and client to work closely with each other. Also, our support team is available during odd hours to help our customers as and when required. This is what makes us different from a lot of other companies out there.

Q. What are your future goals for 2020-21?

Our future goal for 2020-21 is to mark our presence across geographical boundaries. We are seeking to make IT partnerships with companies & clients in countries like UK, Australia & other European countries. We also aim to help people create something new and innovative that can drive higher business growth to them. This year we are also seeking to create a perfect place for employees to work and offer great value to our clients.

Q. Tell us about your technical expertise and success story of any achievement.

QSS Technosoft has technical expertise in multiple niches & across multiple industries. We have delivered several web and mobile-based applications for industries like Healthcare, Telecom, Law Enforcement, Bio metrics, Finance, GIS, Education, Transport & Logistics, Sports, etc.

Some of our recent work include: Development of a scalable, user-friendly & on-demand expert consultation mobile health app loaded with features like online consultation, prescription, and follow-ups that considerably reduce physical visits to hospitals. Indoor Positioning App is another demonstrated work by our team of GIS expert engineers. The app guides users to navigate from their current location to a destined point of interest inside premises. We have built navigation applications on top of most of the popular map applications and SDKs.

Q. As per your opinion, which technology dominate in recent years? What is the key success factor into that technology?

In my opinion, Java Script technology is the most popular developing technology that makes the best use for development. This technology is surely going to dominate in recent years because of its light weighted nature that offers users more control over the browser.

Q. Any suggestions or recommendations for Top Firms?

I found Top Firms a great platform to expose our services to wider audiences from diversified businesses across the globe. This is an awesome platform that keeps us informed about the best software development firms across the globe. We appreciate Top Firms for showcasing our expertise to the right customer. 91-9910511064