Interview with the CEO of SSTech System – Siraj Timbaliya

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Q. Give us a brief introduction about you and  your company (SSTech System)

I, Siraj Timbaliya the director of the company, is a dynamic result oriented leader having more than 10 years of experience in the IT field. Have a strong track record of performance in project management, business strategies, operations, human resource and other areas of management.

SSTech System is one of the fastest growing companies providing, one stop complete and affordable IT solution for all your business needs, which improves customer’s digital experience. We are a small and medium size company having a strength of 20-25 employees at present.

interview with siraj timbaliya

Q. Type of services your company offers (expertise areas )?

We provide simple to complex, end to end IT services in Web, Mobile, Open Source, Cloud, UX UI design, Digital Media Marketing, IOT and much more. Our client-focused IT solutions aim to develop client’s corporate image and brand awareness through innovation, creativity and professionalism.

Q. Define the work flow of your company – Client entry to delivery of a service.

The project work flow process of the company from the client entry till delivery of services is as under

  • Requirement gathering
  • Discussion of the requirement with the team members.
  • Project Estimation
  • Signing of NDA
  • UI/UX design
  • Development and testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Support and Maintenance

Q. What are the key challenging factors while completing a project?

The key challenging factors that we face while completing a project are as follows.

  • Unrealistic Deadline
  • Perplex Scope
  • Challenges of teamwork
  • To keep team on the same page
  • Conflicts due to miscommunication
  • Goals and objective poorly define
  • Lack of Accountability

Q. How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies’ models?

Our business model create flexibility, provide a better solution to an existing need, we get close to the client from the very beginning, to know the client’s needs or problems, always listen to them,  have transparency and continuous communication through Skype, email and other communication channels. Once the product has been released, we encourage feedback for improvisation and client is able to find out the added value it brings. We help clients through the entire process of developing their ideas and shaping them into successful product. We are delighted to work with  companies that allow us to research and develop an idea. We help companies by developing new features, new approaches, so when the client introduces their product into the market they have a strong competitive edge over their competitors.

Q. What are your future goal for 2020-21?

We have developed products like driver’s application, HRMS, lingerie eCommerce websites, day today finances management application, and market successfully these products.

  •  Adoption and updation of current technology, latest equipment
  •  Reaching new target audience, new location, new market
  •  Strategies to improve business finances
  •  Improvement in HR strategies
  •  Increase Traffic to our websites and blogs
  •  Career development training for employees
  •  Reduce unnecessary business expenses.

Q. Tell us about your technical expertise and success story of any achievement.

Our expertise is in the field of PhP, PhP framework like (WordPress, Code ignitor, Magento, Shopify) .Net, SEO, Android, iOS Web designing. We have successfully delivered many projects in mobile application, software development, website design and development across many industries. We have built many products of logistic companies of Australia that is running successfully around the globe.

Q. As our your opinion, which technology dominate in recent years? What is the key success factor into that technology?

As per my opinion, internet of thing is the future, many things are now being built with WiFi connectivity, and they can be connected to the internet for instance home appliances, cars etc and exchange data over the internet. Customers are benefited by using IOT technology. For e.g. In case if any person forget to lock doors, in a hurry while leaving for work they can do it remotely. Businesses will gain more using this technology, speed up medical care, improvement in customer service. 91-8780064339